‘Wolcle’ Klinsman, scouring the K-League 2… Is the new Taegeuk Warrior coming out?

‘Wolcle’ Klinsman, scouring the K-League 2… Is the new Taegeuk Warrior coming out?

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann of the national soccer team will watch K-League 2 matches in preparation for the A-match in June.

An official from the Korea Football Association said on the 28th, “Coach Klinsman plans to watch the K League 2 game in person early next month.”

Klinsman, along with Colin Bell, the women’s soccer team coach, participated in the ‘Minister of Education-Korea Football Association business agreement ceremony for revitalization of school sports and support for Neulbom School’ held at Balsan Elementary School in Incheon on the 28th.

Coach Klinsman, who played an 8-on-8 mini-game with Balsan Elementary School students after the business agreement ceremony, played a friendly match with Coach Bell, scoring one goal each.

Previously, director Klinsman returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 26th after a 10-day tour of Europe.

In order to prepare for the June A match against Peru and El Salvador, he met with key players of the national team, such as Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, to conduct interviews and check their physical condition.

He also expressed his intention to change generations of the national team. Coach Klinsman said at a press conference on arrival, “We plan to watch as many games as possible before the list is announced and check the players. New players can be called up, and we need to open up opportunities for players who have shown good performances to come to the national team.” 온라인카지노

He continued, “I will give young players a chance. I will try to observe many players because I still have time.”

Coach Klinsman plans to look for K League 1 matches as well as K League 2 matches. First, on the 29th and 30th, we will watch K-League matches.

According to the association officials, on the 29th, they will watch the match between Suwon FC and FC Seoul, and on the 30th, they will go down to Pohang to watch the match between Pohang Steelers and Incheon United.

On the 5th of next month, he will participate in the presidential office invitation event and watch the K-League 2 game on the 6th. The specific match has not yet been decided.

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