‘Who the hell are you?’ Mbappe-I put more than Neymar… Ligue 1 top scorer

‘Who the hell are you?’ Mbappe-I put more than Neymar… Ligue 1 top scorer

Polarin Balogan

‘s sense of scoring has risen properly.

Currently, there is an unfamiliar name at the top of the French Ligue 1 scoring list. Its name is Vallogan. Barlogan, now 21, is a former Arsenal youth academy graduate who has consistently skipped grades and made a name for himself while playing alongside older players. It was expected that Balogun would be reborn as a youth player that Arsenal is proud of following Eddie Nketia and Bukayo Saka due to his outstanding performance from his childhood.

He managed to make his first team debut at the age of ten. Last season, he even started in the Opening Day. However, his youth stage and professional stage were distinctly different. Balogan continued to play an active role in the youth league, but in the professional game, he was only sitting on the bench for a long time without showing much activity. 바카라사이트 Balogan went on loan to Middlesbrough last season to gain experience and returned to Arsenal with a modest record of three goals and three assists in half the season.

He was expected to have a hard time playing this season as well. This is because Arsenal signed Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City ahead of the season, and there was also the presence of Eddie Nketia, who performed well at the end of last season. Balogan immediately decided to go to the Stade de Reims. The duration was one season.

The Ligue 1 stage seems to fit well with Balogan. Despite his first season in Ligue 1, Balogan has scored 14 goals in 20 games and currently ranks as the sole top scorer in Ligue 1. He even scored a hat-trick in the 21st round of the league, the previous game. Balogan, who has scored 14 goals so far, is ahead of two aces Kylian Mbafe (13 goals) and Neymar (12 goals) of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the strongest in Ligue 1. As Mbappe is injured and is expected to be absent for the time being, the gap is expected to widen further if Balogan maintains his current performance.

Arsenal also smiles at Balogan’s performance. Arsenal still have Jesus and Nketia, but the thicker the squad, the better. If Balogan, returning from the loan, shows the same performance next season, it will be a strength for Arsenal. One catch is that there is a possibility that Balogan will move to a team other than Arsenal because he is worried about the main competition.

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