The reason why Kane’s contract renewal is delayed… It was because of Conte.

The reason why Kane’s contract renewal is delayed… It was because of Conte.

Tottenham Hotspur seem to want to deal with manager Antonio Conte’s contract renewal before Harry Kane.

Tottenham are facing a number of challenges. In addition to boosting this season’s performance and performance and reinforcing players through the transfer market, we must work on renewing the contract with manager Conte and Kane. Coach Conte said, “This season and Kane’s contracts expire at the end of next season, but there has been no news so far, making fans worried.

In particular, fans react sensitively to the news of Kane’s contract renewal. In the case of Conte, he can bring other managers 바카라. even if he leaves the team, but if Kane leaves Tottenham, things will change. Kane, who is exerting considerable influence at Tottenham, is considered an irreplaceable player. Even if Kane leaves the transfer fee, it is hard to guarantee that he will be able to bring a player like Kane with that money.

However, Tottenham seem to be focusing more on manager Conte than Kane. Because I am sure that Kane will not leave Tottenham. In fact, Kane is already in the ranks of Tottenham’s legends, and his affection for Tottenham is considerable. There is a good level of trust between the club and the players. He has been consistently linked with Bayern Munich, but that’s why Tottenham aren’t worried.

John Wenham, who knows the insider news of Tottenham well, told the British ‘Football Insider’: “I’m sure there will be talk of a new deal with Kane, but right now Conte’s future is seen as a more pressing matter. I guess we’ll see how it goes. One thing I can guarantee is that Kane isn’t leaving in January. Tottenham aren’t going to accept any nonsensical offers coming in. People who think Kane is leaving are wasting their time. The reason for the delay in Kane’s contract renewal was because of manager Conte, but that does not mean Kane will leave the team in January.

There is also no news of Conte’s contract renewal. However, many local reporters and Tottenham officials expressed confidence that Conte will continue to stay at Tottenham. Depending on Conte’s future, there may be changes in Kane’s future.

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