The Legend’s Confidence “Sancho’s return is like a new signing”

The Legend’s Confidence “Sancho’s return is like a new signing”

“Sancho’s return is like signing a new player”

Manchester United (Man United) legend Rio Ferdinand has expressed his expectations for Sancho, who has returned from injury.

Ferdinand predicted on the 7th (local time) that Sancho would give Man United a big boost through the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (

Ferdinand said: “Sancho is back in the United squad, and if he’s at his best, it’s like signing a new player. He will be a threat to any team.”

He went on to say: “A player like Sancho is a player who will bring out problems in the opposition defense. In the short term, if he plays well, United will be much more competitive overall. We’ll be relying on Sancho within the week, so he’ll get a chance to grow in some form.”

Sancho is a sore finger at Manchester United. He is from Manchester City. He moved to Dortmund and announced the birth of a new star. He returned to the Premier League with a move to Manchester United, but his expectations were not met. He had to show something as the transfer fee was not small, but if he wanted to do something, he was out due to injury.

As long as Rashford is also alive, it seems that if Sancho is revived, it will be a great power for Manchester United.

It seems that he has escaped from the painful injury. It is time to show that he is a talented player. Even at the beginning of the season, it is also encouraging that coach Ten Hach was moderated. He tasted the score in the 3rd round against Liverpool and the 5th round against Leicester, giving Manchester United 3 points. 온라인카지노

However, since the 13th round confrontation with Chelsea held in October, Sancho has not been able to digest the Premier League schedule. Due to the injury, the participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was also frustrated. It’s been quite a while, and Sancho has been called up to the Premier League match list for the first time in a long time through the 22nd round against Crystal Palace.

Prior to this, he was substituted in the second leg of the League Cup semifinals against Nottingham Forest and played a comeback match.

Our next opponent is Leeds United. With Anthony out injured, Sancho needs to play an active role. Sancho competitor Anthony wore a Manchester United shirt for a hefty fee, but it’s still a question mark. In the meantime, if Sancho shows good performance, it remains to be seen whether he can become Ten Haag’s new disciple, as Rashford did.

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