Shin Ji-hyun’s triple-double class performance’ Hana 1 Q wins KB Stars… 4th win of the season

Shin Ji-hyun’s triple-double class performance’ Hana 1 Q wins KB Stars… 4th win of the season

Hana 1 Q escaped from 3 consecutive losses and harvested the 4th win of the season.

Bucheon HanawonQ tied Yang In-young and Jung Ye-rim with Shin Ji-hyun’s triple-double level performance in the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol Women’s Professional Basketball at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th, and Kang I-seul and Lee Yun-mi won Cheongju KB Stars 82-69. .

As a result of this day, Hana 1Q recorded 4 wins and 22 losses with three consecutive losses. The ranking was still 6th. KB Stars suffered the 17th loss (9 wins) of the season. All remaining 4 games must be won and BNK must lose all of them in order to advance to the playoffs.

1st Quarter, KB Stars 25-17 Hana 1Q: Flexible attack flow, disappointing defensive perfection

Hana 1Q started Ji-Hyun Shin, Ji-Young Kim, Ye-Jin Kim, Ye-Rim Jung, and In-Young Yang, and KB Stars started Ye-Eun Huh, Yoon-Mi Lee, Ji-Soo Yang, Iseul Kang, and So-Dam Kim. was put forward as a starter.

KB Stars made two consecutive 3-pointers, and Hana 1Q responded with a Yang In-young jumper added to Shin Ji-hyun’s 3 points. When 1 minute and 30 seconds passed, KB Stars took a 6-5 lead. After that, both teams were unable to successfully attack. It was the result of continuous misses.

In the middle, KB hired Sim Seong-young, and KB Stars, with Yang Ji-su scoring, took a step further with 8-5. Afterwards, KB Stars swept 8 points, including Lee Yoon-mi’s 3-point shot, and ran away 17-10. Hana 1 Q had a 3-point shot by Shin Ji-hyun, but widened the score gap due to regret in defense.

After that, both teams continued to score successive attacks. KB Stars added points with Sim Seong-yeong’s free throw, and Hana 1 Q responded with Jeong Ye-rim and added points.

In the end, KB Stars led by 8 points. He managed to widen his lead by sweeping 25 points.

2nd Quarter, KB Stars 38-35 Hana 1Q: Hana 1Q ‘Counterattack’

KB Stars took a double-digit lead 29-17 thanks to Seongyoung Sim’s performance in attack. Hana 1 Q failed to add an extra point for more than two minutes, widening the score gap. Afterwards, both teams traded a goal each. 보증놀이터

After the beginning, Hana 1 Q gained strength. Shin Ji-hyun added points with a 3-point shot, and Jeong Ye-rim also burst into a quick break, narrowing the score to 24-31, 8 points. KB Stars narrowed the score gap in an instant. It was the result of being shaken for a while throughout the airlift.

Going inside in the 5th minute, Hana 1 Q caught up with Yang In-young 26-31, one more step behind the goal. KB Stars took the second operation time and had time to reorganize the battle line.

Hana 1 Q did not miss the upward trend. Shin Ji-hyun joined the scoring, and continued to successfully develop the defense, 33-34, 1 step behind the chin. KB Stars continued to fail in the attack, and eventually allowed the chase to the bottom of the chin.

With about a minute left in the end, KB Stars broke the chase once. Choi Hee-jin scored 3 points to lead 38-33, 5 points. Hana 1 Q took the operation time. Shin Ji-hyun added an extra point. KB Stars led by 3 points.

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