Park Dong-hyuk’s assertion…”There is no political draft in Chungnam-Asan! Lack of budget is an excuse”

Park Dong-hyuk’s assertion…”There is no political draft in Chungnam-Asan! Lack of budget is an excuse”

Coach Park Dong-hyuk is preparing for the new season with the support that has changed from the previous one.

Chungnam Asan experienced difficulties in various areas after switching to a citizen club. From the supply of players to the securing of resources for under 22 (U-22). Director Park Dong-hyuk created a team by making a 슬롯사이트 new version. His first season with the Civic Club was only in 10th place. Although it was the lowest, it was evaluated that it showed clear potential. The following season he finished 8th. Although still in the lower ranks, his leadership was recognized and he was nominated for the K League 2 Manager of the Year Award.

There was confusion ahead of last season. The season started late due to contract issues. In the aftermath of the opening of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the opening of the season was quick, which made it more difficult. Nonetheless, coach Park Dong-hyuk built the team by bringing scouted players one after another. There were no outsiders in the enemy support and the squad pool was not wide, but it caused a sensation from the beginning and shook the K-League 2 ranking.

Chungnam-Asan, which was aiming for the playoffs, rose to 6th place after losing a point in the last minute. Nonetheless, no one criticized Chungnam-Asan, including director Park Dong-hyuk. Rather, they applauded and praised Chungnam-Asan for its clear achievements. Head coach Park Dong-hyuk, who signed a two-year contract renewal, is working hard to create a new Chungnam-Asan. ‘Inter Football’ listened to coach Park Dong-hyuk’s recollection of the last season and future direction.

Watching Chungnam-Asan this year, I got the feeling that it was a ‘family-like team’. It’s impossible in a way, but is there a reason why it could be possible?

Looking back on this season, I was really happy. I was more proud than when I won the championship during Asan Mugunghwa. First of all, the atmosphere was really good. My philosophy is that an exciting atmosphere should always be maintained. If the atmosphere is not created, the efficiency is reduced. Training concentration and completeness are also reduced. If the atmosphere is not formed and the players do not want to exercise, you can say that there is no result even if you have trained.

When training, I often communicate and directly participate in bumping into my body. Although he is a director, he approaches him like his older brother, drinks coffee, and talks while eating. The sympathy that was formed led to a good atmosphere. It is difficult for a coach to succeed no matter how good his leadership skills are if he does not win the hearts of his players. There are things that come only when you understand the players’ hearts and approach them with sincerity.

It is judged that the philosophies that were put forward harmonized well with the team and became a team that achieved satisfactory results.

The season was well done in a killer schedule.

What I felt after this year’s season was that the players who were always out there seemed to be only able to show about 60% of their abilities in the second half. I didn’t feel it at the time, but looking back I did. Next year, if I see a tired player, I will make a drastic change. In fact, it was more difficult because of the 22-year-old (U-22) rule. I can’t do it because I don’t use the U-22 regulations and only replace 3 people. It was especially so in the summer.

So I changed wingbacks often. Although he had an effect, the small pool of U-22 players was always a concern. Kim Chae-woon and Jung Gun-woo got a chance, but one of them was in a bad condition. I plan to focus on supply and demand of U-22 players before the start of the season. But all the players I like have already signed contracts. Trying to monitor new players.

Which team were you most happy with when they won this year?

This is FC Anyang. Since the founding of the citizen team, it has never beaten Anyang. It was really good when we won 2-0 at home.

(Were you happier than the moment of Lee Sang-min’s theater goal against Gyeongnam FC?) It would be difficult to distinguish superiority and inferiority compared to simple victory feelings, but I think winning Anyang will remain in my memory forever.

Chungnam-Asan was the only team in the K-League to play the season without outside players, except for the military team. Did you feel the need for an outsider?

If there are no outsiders, it is easy in terms of communication. The story was well done, the preparation process was good, and the communication between the players was better. Yoo Kang-hyeon and Song Seung-min played well in the attack, so I couldn’t feel the vacancy of the foreigner all the more. Still, I felt the need. Yoo Kang-hyun scored a lot, but after playing 40 games, there comes a time when he will definitely fall behind. At that time, if there were outsiders, I think it would have been helpful to the team.

I want to bring one more player to a position different from the foreign striker. We are preparing to retain foreigners next season. The plan will change depending on the situation of the players enlisting in the military. (When is the announcement of the executive director?) I know it as December 1st.

Recently, stories of political outbursts have been heard within the Citizens’ Team. What is Chungnam-Asan?

None at all. Since it is a citizen team, political problems may arise, but our team does not feel that way. Rather than thinking about things like that, I try to do well. A few days ago, I had a meeting with the mayor of Asan, the representative of Chungnam Asan, the director, and the director. Positive stories came and went. There were also compliments towards me. He was very kind and positive to our team.

In fact, if you’re not interested, you won’t even have an interview. We also talked about what kind of team we would like to create in the future. He also talked about what the team needs and lacks. The mayor also listened to the request on the spot. I wish there was a place to see you more often.

Is it true that there is little support?

Insufficient budget is an excuse for professionals. Of course, as a director, it would be nice if the budget was plentiful, but it is only an excuse when it comes to the results. If you were the manager of a team with a small budget, you would have to bear such a burden. There is no reason to supervise with budgetary excuses. I want to be a confident director whether I have a budget or not. This is why you always look confident.

I tell the players, “I will take responsibility for everything, so fight with all your might and win unconditionally.” I’ve never played soccer like that other than embarrassingly at the stadium. He fought confidently and fought with confidence.

Last winter, the contract was delayed, so we prepared for the season late. This year is different.

I prepared late, but I was satisfied that the players I wanted were recruited one after another. It worked out just as I thought. It was the driving force behind the good performance this year. Now there are players from other clubs who want our players and want to come. Even so, next year still seems difficult. With the arrival of Cheonan and Cheongju, the player pool became very narrow.

There are a lot of young players, but there are a few who have professional experience. Professional players are needed, but supply and demand are difficult, so it is difficult to organize players.

What is Chungnam-Asan’s goal for the next season?

This year’s goal was 6th place. Even though the season started late, it was a ranking that could be established because of the good composition of the team. Players like Yoo Kang-hyun, Choi Beom-kyung, Kim Kang-guk, Park Chul-woo, Lee Hak-min, Park Seong-woo, Lee Ho-in, and Song Seung-min entered the right positions one after another. I don’t know about the next season yet. When the team is formed, I plan to set a target ranking.

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