Outbursts, outbursts, outbursts… Is there any other coach in the world like Klinsmann, whose integrity is questioned?

Outbursts, outbursts, outbursts… Is there any other coach in the world like Klinsmann, whose integrity is questioned?

There’s never a dull moment around Germany national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann. It’s one bizarre incident after another. The September European away series was no exception. The team is not performing well and unnecessary controversy is brewing.
With a 0-0 draw against Wales on Sept. 8 (KST), the “Klinsmann ship” has gone five consecutive A matches without a win (three draws and two losses) since its inception in March. It is the longest winless streak under a foreign coach in history.

But there’s no shame in that. Klinsmann, who summarized the lackluster performance with the phrase “still a work in progress”, continued his streak in England. He was invited to the Legends Match between Chelsea (England) and Bayern Munich (Germany) at Stamford Bridge in London on Tuesday to honor Gianluca Vialli (Italy), who passed away last year.

Klinsmann’s inclusion on the invitation list released by Chelsea sparked a public outcry. With a bad reputation for breaking domestic commitments to stay abroad, an unorthodox work style, and a string of close calls, having a national team manager leave for personal reasons is fuel for the fire.

Klinsmann remains where he is, but the aftertaste 카지노 is bitter. After the news first broke, the Korean Football Association said that “the invitation was extended, but Klinsmann declined,” but the reality was different. Klinsmann never turned down Chelsea’s invitation, but rather didn’t understand the KFA’s request for his absence. If true, the federation lied to the fans.

Unconfirmed rumors have also emerged. There is a reasonable suspicion that Klinsmann’s decision to stay in London until the end of the week, with the squad set to face Saudi Arabia in Newcastle on Wednesday, is for personal reasons. It’s not unreasonable. Given his track record, it’s understandable.

Klinsmann also staged an amusing (?) scene on the day of the Wales game. In a fit of denial, the BBC reported that Klinsmann had taken the jersey of Welshman Aaron Ramsey as a gift for his son (Jonathan Klinsmann), who plays for the LA Galaxy in the US Major League Soccer (MLS). It is not common for a father to take care of the jersey of an opposing ace.

In the midst of this embarrassment for Korean soccer, Japan put on a fantastic performance against Germany on Tuesday, winning 4-1. It’s a worrisome sigh of relief for their East Asian rivals, who have not been the same since the round of 16 at last year’s World Cup in Qatar.

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