One point after five games, a point that should make Suwon even hungrier.

One point after five games, a point that should make Suwon even hungrier.

One precious point should make Suwon Samseong even more hungry.

Suwon drew 0-0 with Incheon United in the 18th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Nov. 11. With the one point, Suwon remained at the bottom of the league.

Suwon’s goal was to end their losing streak. Despite winning against Gangwon FC in the second game under new coach Kim Byung-soo, Suwon had lost four consecutive games, starting with the next match against Ulsan Hyundai. Facing them was Incheon, who had just secured their first win of the season. Suwon was looking to break out of the losing streak again against Incheon.

The two teams battled back and forth, sharing a point each. The result was Suwon’s first point in five games, and a valuable one at that. While the win did not end the losing streak, Suwon was not in a position to take a win or a draw.

They needed a point now. Suwon had lost four straight matches, all by one point, from Ulsan to Gwangju FC. One more goal would have given them a point. Ulsan, Jeju United, and Gwangju all conceded late goals in the second half, making it even more disappointing.

Before the game, head coach Kim Byung-soo said, “I think we could have gotten a point against Gwangju and Suwon. Even one point would have energized the team, but in the end, we didn’t get a point. That can be a mental challenge,” he sighs.

That’s why the one point against Incheon was even more precious. Suwon, who had been taking positives from the back-to-back losses, was happy to get a result rather than a performance this time around, even if it was a disappointing one.

After the match, coach Kim Byung-soo said, “What we needed today was a point more than the content of the game. It’s not three points, but one point is a big point for us right now,” he said after the game, adding that the fact that they got a point was positive.

Suwon’s captain Lee Ki-je, who was also interviewed in the Mix Zone, said, “It was a game we needed to win, and we wanted to get three points, but I think it’s positive that we got even one point. I’m not satisfied. But considering our current situation, I think it’s important to get even one point.”

As Kim Byung-soo and Lee Ki-jae said, it’s positive to get a “point” after five games. However, being satisfied with a point doesn’t change the situation. The points should be a means to help Suwon achieve its goals. The short-term goal is to get out of last place and the relegation zone, and the long-term goal is to improve your body composition.

You’ve probably noticed that you feel more hungry after eating a small amount of food than you do on an empty stomach. Every point Suwon earns against Incheon should be a point that makes him even hungrier. 먹튀검증

The A-match period was coming up. Suwon had a two-week break. Two weeks to prepare for the leap forward. Coach Kim Byung-soo said before and after the game that it was difficult to improve the team over the break, citing the number of injuries in the team, but he also said after the game, “In the second half, we tried to find a way by increasing the number of midfielders. In this way, I am thinking that we should look for areas to improve in the future.” He subtly revealed that he is always thinking about how to improve the team. Two more weeks to ponder.

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