‘Ohtani ↔ STL Edmon + O’Neill + Rising Star Package’ US media, is the balance right?

‘Ohtani ↔ STL Edmon + O’Neill + Rising Star Package’ US media, is the balance right?

The biggest issue in the major league trade market in July this year is Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels.

From the beginning of June, when the possibility of advancing to the postseason can be explored, rumors of a trade related to Ohtani have been pouring in the local media every day.

Since Ohtani will become a free agent at the end of this year, the Angels are very likely to open trade negotiations around the All-Star break in July to secure a large number of prospects if fall baseball is difficult. Of course, the Angels have yet to take a clear position on this. However, local media reported that the owner of Art Moreno had the intention of extending the contract without trading Ohtani.

On the premise that a trade is possible, teams that can covet Ohtani should have plenty of prospects in their farm system as they aim for the postseason this year. In the midst of this, the St. Louis Cardinals are attracting extraordinary attention as they are mentioned as a team that can take Ohtani to the trade.

The Athletic columnist Jim Borden recently mentioned in an ‘MLB Trade Q&A’ segment that St. Louis could be interested in Ohtani. However, the name of Tommy Edman, a Korean-American, appears.

“St. Louis can bundle either infielder Tommy Edman or Brendan Donovan and top prospect pitcher Gordon Graypo with outfielder Tyler O’Neal,” Borden said. I can bring you,’ he said.

Edmund participated in the World Baseball Classic last month as a second baseman for the Korean national team and made his name widely known to domestic fans. 5th year Edmon and 2nd year Donovan are the main infielders of St. Louis, but it is possible to trade because minor league prospect shortstop Mason Wynn can be called to the major leagues.

“Other starters will depend on which teams are alive in the postseason race and which are eliminated,” Borden continued. If the Chicago Cubs fall behind in the race, Marcus Stroman is available. He has the right to opt out after this season,” he said. “Otani can also be traded if the Angels are likely to drop out of fall baseball. Of course, the Angels are denying it.” 메이저놀이터

It is a kind of suggestion and claim that St. Louis can bring Ohtani as a top-class starting pitcher. It is interesting that Edmund, a Korean major leaguer, was also mentioned.

St. Louis has been struggling in the early stages of this season. The biggest reason is poor selection. Except for Jack Flaherty (2-2, 3.29) and Jordan Montgomery (2-3, 3.81), they are uneasy. Miles Mikolas (7.46 for 1 loss), Steven Matz (6.55 for 3 losses), and Jake Woodford (6.05 for 1 win, 2 losses) have yet to achieve a quality start.

Veteran Adam Wainwright will return soon, but the starting pitching depth is weak and an ace pitcher is lacking. This means that St. Louis will eventually find a trade market, and if Ohtani comes up for sale, he can use his abundant farm and field depth to negotiate.

Pitcher Ohtani started 5 games this season and is recording 3 wins, an average ERA of 0.64 and 38 strikeouts.

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