Multiple offers after LG release, 156km Why did Ryu Won-seok choose Hanwha?

Multiple offers after LG release, 156km Why did Ryu Won-seok choose Hanwha?

Sidearm pitcher Ryu Won-seok (34), who was excluded from LG’s reserve list in October last year, received offers from several teams. The first team’s career performance was 12 games (14 innings) 1 loss and an average ERA of 7.71 in 3 seasons from 2019 to 2021, but the fastball thrown up to 156 km was alive. He sprayed a maximum of 153 km last year as well. 

Ryu Won-seok, who received multiple offers, chose Hanwha. He said, “After leaving LG, I continued to work out and prepare for the test. There were offers from several teams, but I wanted to go to Hanwha. He contacted me the fastest, and I wanted to try it at Hanwha for a long time. He wanted Hanwha because he thought it would be a team that could receive many opportunities.” We expect more opportunities in Hanwha, which has a thin pitcher layer compared to LG. 

One of the reasons Ryu Won-seok chose Hanwha was the existence of Futures manager Choi Won-ho, who is famous as a pitching expert. Ryu Won-seok said, “I wanted to go to a team with a coach who was a pitcher. (2013) When I joined LG, it was after coach Choi Won-ho quit coaching and left. He couldn’t be together for a year,” he said. “The director teaches the technical part in an easy-to-understand way. Coach Park Jung-jin is also very concerned. It can be difficult to change the form, but we are thinking and communicating together to find a better way. I really like the environment of Hanwha, which makes me feel very comfortable.” 

Director Choi Won-ho, who has been working with Ryu Won-seok in Seosan since last month, said, “I have had difficulties with the ball control so far, so shouldn’t I make a change?” It was a pitching form with a lot of up and down and left and right shaking. “Coach Jung-Jin Park is focusing on keeping the balance by reducing the shaking of the form and reducing the error in the release point.”  카지노사이트

That’s not to say it’s completely overhauled. The arm angle goes the same as the sidearm. Director Choi said, “It was originally an overhand during the LG days, but it was a case where I lowered my arm because my shoulder hurt. Raising the arm again can cause injury problems, so the arm remains the same, but the form is calmly reduced to balance it,” he said. “I try to throw only one breaking ball if possible. You should throw strikes more than anything else. The ball coming in as a strike is really good. After watching him for a month, he was a player who worked out very diligently.” 

Ryu Won-seok also said, “My pitching form is so wild that I move a lot. I am practicing to catch the shaking in a way that can minimize that movement and increase the probability of a strike. The director said ‘common sense is science’. He said, “I try to fit into the common sense rather than out of the box.” 

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