Multi-goal return from injury… This is how scary a sick Edgar is

Multi-goal return from injury… This is how scary a sick Edgar is

Compared to his prime, he’s probably not performing at his best. He’s even had a lot of injuries in the last two years, but when given the chance, he always manages to fulfill expectations. That’s why Daegu FC fans have absolute faith in him. That’s what they say about Brazilian striker Edgar.

Daegu, led by head coach Choi Won-kwon, drew 2-2 against Incheon in the 15th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu at 7 p.m. on July 27. Daegu conceded an early goal to Incheon midfielder Shin Shin-ho in the 30th minute, but seemed to pull off a thrilling comeback thanks to Edgar’s multi-goal fireworks in the fifth and 11th minutes of the second half. However, they conceded a heartbreaking equalizer from Incheon’s substitute striker Hong Si-hoo in second-half stoppage time and had to settle for a draw.

Edgar returned to the pitch after shaking off an injury. It was his first action since May 9 against the Pohang Steelers. After rupturing his Achilles tendon last year, Edgar returned to Daegu ahead of the 2023 season and has continued to showcase his scoring prowess in the aftermath of his injury. However, injuries have been frequent in the aftermath of last year’s injury.

Not only Edgar, but also Sejingya have struggled to maintain their top form due to injuries early in the season, so Daegu is very sensitive to the health of their two ‘reliable men’. “I hope they don’t get injured anymore,” Choi said in an interview before the Incheon game.

However, once he is on the field, there is no other player who is as reliable as Edgar. This time, it was clear that Edgar was the man to beat. Daegu fell behind in the first 30 minutes to a sudden mid-range shot from Shin Shin-ho. Daegu had been on the attack from the start of the match, so Shin’s unexpected shot was quite a shock.

Edgar came to the rescue. In the fifth minute of the second half, Sejingya headed a right-footed corner kick from the left side of the Incheon box in front of the goal to tie the game at one, and in the 11th minute, he headed in a cross from the right side by 토토사이트 Hwang Jae-won to put the game out of reach. Edgar flashed twice in front of the Incheon goal and the tide had turned.

Although they had to settle for a draw after conceding a late equalizer, Edgar’s multi-goal performance must have felt pretty good. It’s been 568 days since Edgar scored a multi-goal game in the K League 1 since he scored against Suwon FC on November 6, 2021. It was Edgar’s third multi-goal game since joining the league in 2018.

Given Edgar’s prolific scoring record, with 40 career goals in the K League, including this one, his lack of multi-goal games may seem like an oddity. However, it also means that he was a very consistent scorer rather than a prolific one. Regardless, the fans in attendance were lucky enough to witness an almost annual event. A clearly uninjured Edgar is truly scary.

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