ML 21 wins, only top-class outsiders are in the 0-point range ‘ERA is 1st, it’s mine’

ML 21 wins, only top-class outsiders are in the 0-point range ‘ERA is 1st, it’s mine’

The joys and sorrows of the aces who boasted an average ERA in the 0-point range were mixed. Woojin Ahn (Kiwoom) and Bin Kwak (Doosan) had a gloomy weekend. On the other hand, Eric Peddy (NC), whose appearance was canceled due to rain, will start to earn the title in earnest.

Peddy was scheduled to start against Changwon KIA on the 6th, but it was canceled due to rain. When the Changwon KIA game on the 7th was also canceled due to rain, coach Kang In-kwon expressed his intention to use Pedi, Koo Chang-mo and one-two punches in the first two games of the three-game away game against KT starting on the 9th.

When the game was canceled on the 6th, Peddie said, “Cancellation of rain is part of baseball. I don’t care too much about the game being canceled. I have already played six games in April.” This season, Peddy is very active with an average ERA of 0.47 with 4 wins and 1 loss. In the late 140km to early 150km, his two-seam, slider, changeup, cutter, sweeper command and clever pitch 메이저사이트 design stand out. He quickly emerged as the best foreign pitcher in the KBO League.

Until just before the three-game series this weekend, Peddy, Kwak Bin (0.88), and Ahn Woo-jin (0.97) were ranked 1st to 3rd in ERA. There were no other pitchers in the league (regular innings) who maintained an ERA in the 0-point range other than these. However, on the 6th, Woojin Ahn became a losing pitcher with 6 hits (1 home run), 10 strikeouts and 2 runs in 7 innings against Gocheok SSG, and the average ERA in the 0-point range was broken. He throws so well that his earned run average rises even when he gives up two runs in seven innings. It entered the 1 point range (1.23).

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