“Messi overtime goal invalid!” Angry France… FIFA side “No problem” Why?

“crossed the line” vs “no, it’s okay”

FIFA (International Football Federation) dismissed some claims from France that Lionel Messi’s (Paris Saint-Germain) goal in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final was invalid.

IFAB (International Football Association Board), which discusses and decides the rules of FIFA competitions, told the sports media Athletic on the 20th (local time) that Messi’s goal in the second half of extra time would not be a problem. 토토사이트

Earlier on the 19th, French media Lequipe argued that Argentina’s third goal and Messi’s second goal in the game “should not have been recognized according to the rules.”

According to a photo released by the media, at the moment Messi scored in the third minute of extra time, some players from the Argentine bench on the other side of the pitch were entering the field dividing line. It was argued by some on the French side that Messi’s goal was ‘invalid’ because this was against the rules.

Requipe and others pointed out that “Argentine players who were on the bench entered the field before the ball went into the goal” based on FIFA’s Rules of the Game, Article 3, Paragraph 9. The regulation said, ‘If a goal is scored while an additional person (other than the player) is on the field, the game must be restarted with a direct free kick from the place where the additional person was’.

There is also a circumstance that another player’s shot right before Messi almost turned into a goal, and the bench players who were watching it thought it was a goal and ran into the ground.

Regarding this, the IFAB said, “The relevant rules apply only when players interfere with the game,” and “It does not apply when Messi scores a goal.” At that time, the players who ‘crossed the line’ were far from the goal post and did not affect the game, so the line was drawn as ‘not applicable’.

As a result, the results of the Qatar World Cup will not change, but the controversy remains. This is because even if the players who do not play are in a position of ‘crossing the line’ like this time, it is possible to interpret that it is okay as long as they do not directly interfere with the game.