“May the rest of the games bring a winning spirit”…DH sweeps without a losing streak, KT dugout has a special secret

“May the rest of the games bring a winning spirit”…DH sweeps without a losing streak, KT dugout has a special secret

One side of the KT Wiz dugout has a special talisman.

KT won 6-2 against the NC Dinos in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ at NC Dinos Park in Changwon on the 13th. KT and NC were battling for second and third place in the standings, respectively, and in the final game of the regular season, KT widened the gap with a smile.

Before the game, there was a special piece of paper in the KT dugout: a “victory amulet” with cheering messages such as “victory amulet, magic power” and “don’t say no, be positive”.

It was Je Chun-mo, the bullpen coach, who was diligently attaching the amulet. While KT manager Lee Kang-cheol’s briefing was in full swing, he was performing his own ritual to pray for the team’s victory.

Despite a 4-10 loss to the Samsung Lions in Daegu on the 14th, KT came back to life on the 17th and swept the first game of the doubleheader (7-0) and the second game (3-1) against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon.

In particular, the second game of the doubleheader was delayed by 204 minutes (3 hours and 24 minutes) due to bad weather, setting a new KBO League record for the longest delay. From the start of the first game of the doubleheader at 2 p.m. to the last out of the second game at 11:26 p.m., it was a total of 9 hours and 26 minutes of epic battles. Even with the breaks and rain interruptions between games one and two, there was a significant drain on our stamina.

Despite the hard work, KT was able to take both games and end the week on a high note with a second place finish. 안전놀이터

My coach recently told me about the victory amulet, “A fan who came to the Changwon game gave us a handmade victory amulet. I put it on one side of the dugout, hoping that the KT pitchers would pitch well and stay injury-free, and that the team would win. The amulet must have worked because the team won the game. The fan came to the stadium again, so this time he got several. Hopefully, he’ll get more for the rest of the game. We want to reward the fans who always support the team with victories,” he smiled.

KT succeeded in changing the atmosphere with a special victory talisman. Will the team’s upward trend continue with the ‘magical power’?

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