Lee Kang-in ‘expanding interest in the EPL’… Klinsman, who heard transfer rumors, “Big club offer? Of course I’m happy”

Lee Kang-in ‘expanding interest in the EPL’… Klinsman, who heard transfer rumors, “Big club offer? Of course I’m happy”

Manager Jurgen Klinsmann gave affectionate advice to Lee Kang-in, who has recently been rumored to be transferring.

Coach Klinsman arrived at Incheon International Airport at around 10:40 am (Korean time) on the 26th. He stayed in Europe for the last 10 days and directly watched the matches of the national team players active on the European stage, including ‘captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur). He checked the condition of the player as well as the situation in the current team.

The first schedule was the 31st round of the English Premier League (EPL) between Tottenham and Bournemouth. Tottenham is Son Heung-min’s team and manager Klinsman’s parent team. At that time, Son Heung-min scored his team’s opening goal and his 143rd goal in Tottenham’s career in the 14th minute of the first half. However, Tottenham unfortunately lost 2-3 to Bournemouth.

After that, he headed to Scotland. With coach Klinsmann watching, Celtic’s Oh Hyeon-kyu started the second half against Kilmarnock and played for about 45 minutes. Next was Kim Min-jae. Although Kim Min-jae was unable to participate in the second leg of the European Champions League quarterfinal between Napoli and AC Milan due to cumulative penalties, instead, we had a meal together and had a conversation.

The last schedule was Germany. Mainz’ Lee Jae-seong played for 77 minutes against Bayern Munich, with coach Klinsmann watching. Jung Woo-young was substituted in the 34th minute of the second half in the match between Freiburg and Schalke and played for about 10 minutes. The coaches watched the match between Hong Hyun-seok and Hwang In-beom separately.

Coach Klinsman, who stood in front of the reporters after entering Korea, said, “It was a beneficial time for 10 days. The coaching staff also accompanied me and met with the players and the officials of each club where the players are playing. Although I couldn’t meet all the players, I will try to have this kind of event in the future.” After the business trip, he shared his impressions.

A question about Lee Kang-in came up. Coach Klinsman could not see Lee Kang-in playing in the stadium because the schedule during this European business trip did not match. However, Lee Kang-in played a big role in the match against Getafe on the 24th, when Klinsman’s schedule was over. He became the first Korean to score multiple goals in La Liga, leading his team to a 3-1 come-from-behind victory.

In response, coach Klinsman said, “Lee Kang-in is doing well, so I’m very proud as a manager. He showed a good performance during the A match last March. And he’s doing well with his team, and he recently scored a goal. I’m really happy.” 카지노사이트

Lee Kang-in has recently been rumored to be transferring to several EPL teams. During the January transfer window, he was linked with Atletico Madrid. No specific negotiations were held at the time, but it is highly likely that he will leave this summer.

When asked about the transfer rumor, manager Klinsman gave careful yet loving advice. He cheered, “I think Mallorca is also a good team. Of course, if an offer comes from a big club, I would be really happy as a player. But right now, that’s not the point. I hope they show good performance in a good environment.”

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