LeBron James surpasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for NBA all-time scoring record

LeBron James surpasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for NBA all-time scoring record

American Professional Basketball (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (39, 2m6cm) set a new record for the most points scored.

Lebron fired a stepback shot with 10.9 seconds left at the end of the third quarter in the 2022-23 season home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California on the 8th (Korean time). It was the 36th goal of the match. With this, Lebron’s personal career scoring record of 38,388 points surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s (38,387 points) to break the NBA’s all-time scoring record. He broke the record set by Abdul-Jabbar, who retired in 1989, after 34 years.

LeBron was the main character of the match today. LeBron, who recorded an average of 30 points for the season, 카지노사이트 actively participated in the attack from the beginning of the game and scored 36 points before the fourth quarter even started. He met the expectations of spectators who paid an average of 1152 dollars (1.44 million won) to watch the new history. Reuters reported, “Although the Academy Awards season has begun in Hollywood, the eyes of the United States are not on the red carpet, but on the Lakers’ home stadium.”

His previous record holder, Abdul-Jabbar, watched LeBron break his own record from near his left post. Abdul-Jabbar, who was not on good terms with James, applauded and congratulated LeBron when his record was broken. Abdul-Jabbar, a 2m18cm tall center, led the NBA scoring record with his ‘sky hook shot’, which he used both hands freely. His career record for 3-pointers is 1.

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