‘Korea representative’ Edmund’s expectations, “Ha-seong Kim is currently the best in defense”

‘Korea representative’ Edmund’s expectations, “Ha-seong Kim is currently the best in defense”

St. Louis Cardinals infielder Tommy Edman was selected as the Korean national team player at the WBC held in March this year.

Edmund, whose mother is Korean, wears a Korean uniform in accordance with WBC rules recognizing parental lineage. Edmund, who became the first mixed-race player on the Korean baseball team, expressed his joy of wearing the Taegeuk mark on Spotify News.

<Edmon: Hello. My name is Tommy Edman. I’m playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, and I’m representing Korea at the WBC. I’m really looking forward to it>

Edmund boasts excellent defensive skills enough to receive the 2021 National League 2nd Baseman Gold Glove. San Diego Padres shortstop Kim Ha-seong and Edmon’s ‘major league keystone combination’ is a WBC key point that Korean baseball fans pay attention to. Edmund also expected to play with Kim Ha-seong.

Ha-Sung Kim is one of the best players defensively at this point, and I hope we can create a lot of double plays together. He’s one of those players I’m really looking forward to meeting, and I’m hoping we can learn something from each other so that we can build a strong bond together throughout our baseball careers.”

Another ‘Kim’ Edmund is looking forward to meeting is Kwang-Hyun Kim, a pitcher he played with in St. Louis for two years until 2021. Kim Gwang-hyun also joined the national team this time, and the two players were able to play in the same uniform again after a long time.

<Edmon: I am looking forward to meeting Kwang-Hyun Kim again as it will be a good opportunity to learn Korean from him. When he first came to America, he even taught me some English words. This time, on the contrary, it would be nice if he helped me to integrate well into the team. He’s a really good co-worker, and a really fun and nice guy. I look forward to seeing him again and seeing the energy he brings to the field again.>

Edman plays a ‘Korea-Japan match’ with outfielder Lars Nutba, one of his teammates in St. Louis. Because Nutba’s mother is Japanese, she competes for the WBC with Japan’s national team. Korea and Japan are in the same Group B and will face off in the preliminary round on March 10th. This is the first match between Edman and Nutba in different uniforms.

<Edmon: He (Nutba) is also looking forward to playing for the Japanese national team. He sounds like it would be really fun to play against him. He’s also a good friend with the Cardinals. The winning side can tease the losing side throughout the season. I look forward to playing against each other.>

What name will Edmund wear on the Korean national team? Some argue that Edmon’s ‘middle name’, ‘hyeonsu’, is what it is, but Edman’s idea was different.

<Edmon: On the back of the uniform, I would probably write the current TH Edmon. 먹튀검증 It will have the name of the United States written on it, but it will have an ‘H’ in it.

Edman finally greeted Korean baseball fans and asked for their support.

<Edmon: I would like to say thank you to all Korean fans and MLB fans for their support. I’m really happy to be able to participate in this competition, and I want to win the game with the Korean national team. I’m waiting for the day when I go to Korea and meet you all at the Tokyo Dome>

Edmund goes to an international competition for his mother’s country. We are already looking forward to seeing what kind of collaboration he will show with his national team players and how he will be of help. Edmund plans to reschedule later to join the varsity training after participating in St. Louis spring training.

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