‘Ko Young-pyo change-up → home run’ BOS top-class prospect, will shake up the Aldong competition?

‘Ko Young-pyo change-up → home run’ BOS top-class prospect, will shake up the Aldong competition?

Major League Baseball (MLB) prospects for the 2023 season are pouring in. The American League (AL) East Division, which is the most intense every season, is difficult to predict this year as well.  

The New York Yankees, who renewed their contracts with Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, and recruited ace-level pitcher Carlos Rodon, the Toronto Blue Jays, who showed a remarkable reinforcement of pitching and hitting power, the Tampa Bay Rays, led by coach Kevin Cash, and the ‘main catcher’ kids. All four teams, including the Baltimore Orioles, who are accelerating the growth of young players such as Lee Lutchman, are aiming to advance to the postseason (PS).  

The “traditional powerhouse” and Yankees’ rival, the Boston Red Sox, is mired in this controversy. Boston, which recorded 78 wins and 84 losses last season and was the lowest in the district, is expected to stay in this position this season as well. In fact, MLB.com ranked only 5th in the predicted ranking.  

Power reinforcement was done. MLB representative closer Kenley Jensen, LA Dodgers’ Justin Turner, Japanese national team outfielder Masataka Yoshida, and hitter Adam Duvall with a total of 163 home runs were also recruited. Adalvetro Mondesi, who has good strength and defense, also wore a red uniform as a replacement for Xander Bogarts, who left for the San Diego Padres. 카지노사이트

However, all five players are not evaluated as resources that can maximize their power. Jensen and Turner are concerned about the aging curve. Yoshida has not yet been tested in the big leagues. It doesn’t even look like Mondesi will show a higher team contribution than Bogatz.  

Boston’s biggest boon right now is that ace Chris Sale has digested official training from the first day of spring camp. In the best case scenario, Yoshida settles down by hitting 15 homers or more like Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), who entered the MLB last season. Above all, the biggest expectation factor that Boston fans hope for is the establishment of infield prospect Tristan Casas as the starting first baseman. 

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