Kim Ha-seong “I don’t care what I haven’t heard directly”

Kim Ha-seong “I don’t care what I haven’t heard directly”

Rumors of a trade for Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) are circulating every day. In a sense, it is the leading role in the Major League (MLB) Stove League this winter. 

Ha-seong Kim took on the shortstop for San Diego in the 2022 season. Fernando Tatis Jr., who kept his seat, filled the gap left by injury and disciplinary action. He showed better defense than when he played in the KBO League, and his ability was recognized as a finalist for the Gold Glove in the National League (NL) shortstop category. His relentless hustle play captivated fans and colleagues alike. 

Immediately after the 2022 season, there were no trade rumors. Rather, there was a prospect that San Diego would strengthen its defense by promoting the conversion of Tatis Jr. to the outfield and entrusting Ha-seong Kim to the shortstop. 

However, after San Diego recruited Xander Bogarts, who was a free agent (FA) shortstop, there were many speculations about Kim Ha-sung’s position and future. In particular, rumors often circulated that the Boston Red Sox, which gave Bogarts to San Diego, would recruit Kim Ha-seong to fill the vacant shortstop position. I heard that San Diego is aiming to reinforce the mound as the background. There was also a specific direction for negotiations that Boston would use right-handed pitcher Tanner Hauk, who was in his third year in the big leagues, as a card. Domestic fans also began to pay attention to Boston’s external recruitment. 

It is not an unfounded speculation. Immediately after Bogarts was recruited to San Diego, the roster was drawn with Tanis Jr. in the outfield, Jake Cronenworth at first base, and Kim Ha-seong at second base. However, San Diego later revealed its will to strengthen offense by recruiting veteran giants Nelson Cruz and infielder Matt Carpenter. Cronenworth is a good hitter, but a regular first baseman needs to hit more extras than he does. In the end, if a high-quality first baseman is recruited, Ha-sung Kim and Cronenworth must compete for the second baseman, and the one who was pushed can be used as a trade card. This scenario is not limited to Stove League. 

The fact that the name continues to be mentioned is evidence that the value and status of Kim Ha-sung has risen. 카지노사이트 It is not necessary to evaluate the value of Kim Ha-seong based on its internal position. 

Kim Ha-seong doesn’t seem to care much. Regarding the fact that his name is mentioned by local media, such as the prospect of competition for positions, in a New Year’s interview with Ilgan Sports, he said, “It was like that during the regular season, and I don’t really care about the parts that clubs or agencies don’t talk to me directly. Of course, I don’t even think, ‘My status has risen’. I just think about showing a good game.” 

Kim Ha-seong was selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March. Regarding the prospect of being inferior to Japan, the “old enemy,” he raised his voice, saying, “Baseball is where even the last player can beat the first place. He is focused on the goal in front of him, not the outside gaze. Ha-sung Kim’s goal is not to keep playing in San Diego, but to show his competitiveness in the MLB. 

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