Kang Joo-ha, “Heo Ye-eun unni, I think you’re doing really well”

Kang Joo-ha, “Heo Ye-eun unni, I think you’re doing really well”

“Heo Ye-eun, you seem to be doing really well (laughs)”

Onyang Girls’ Middle School (hereafter, Onyang Girls’ Middle School) held the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Glory Tournament Women’s Middle School final held at the Sportium National Gymnasium in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do on the 12th, Dongju Girls’ Middle School defeated 45-39.

Onyang Girls’ Middle School advanced to the finals in both competitions held this season (Spring Federation Match – Association Janggi). He won the runner-up in the Spring Federation, and covered up the regret of the Spring Federation in the association’s long term.

Kang Joo was the one who led Onyang Girls’ Middle School to the association’s national championship. He did not rest even for a second in the final round. He contributed 15 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. 스포츠토토

Kang Joo-ha said, “Even immediately after confirming the championship, I didn’t feel like I had won. I didn’t feel it. She remembered more of her colleagues who were with her. She was grateful to her teammates who worked hard together,” she said, starting with her thoughts on winning the association’s long term.

After that, “I was runner-up in the spring league match. I really wanted to win this competition. And the coach said, ‘A game where you win the rebound is a game that works out well’, so all the players paid attention to the rebound. In particular, centers such as (Choi) In-kyung and (Shin) Seo-bin handled the rebound well. Talking among us went well,” he said, citing the driving force behind the association’s long-term victory.

“I played a lot of difficult matches from the preliminary round. As time went on, his stamina dropped a lot. But he tried to play well until the end,” he said, looking back at his individual performance.

Kang Joo-ha’s height is 169 cm. She can work as a tall guard or tall ball handler in the middle school. However, as time goes by, Kang Joo-ha’s physical condition can become normal. That’s why you need to pay more attention to the basics of strong running.

Kang Joo-ha said, “You have to develop a lot of strength, and you have to develop your ability to develop quick attacks. As a point guard, she has to keep an eye on his court and watch his teammates move. He creates good chances and needs a lot of assists.”

Also, for a player like Kang Ju-ha to develop into a good player, he must decide the direction he wants to develop himself. Why setting role models and setting goals is so important.

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