“It’s embarrassing, is there a team like this?” Like Kim Yeon-kyung said… Heungkuk Life Insurance, whose trust has already been broken, what are the players and fans guilty of?

“It’s embarrassing, is there a team like this?” Like Kim Yeon-kyung said… Heungkuk Life Insurance, whose trust has already been broken, what are the players and fans guilty of?

“Is there such a team?”

These are the words left by Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) after the game with GS Caltex on the 5th. Although she showed regret for the management of Heungkuk Life Insurance, she made a statement of determination.

Let’s go back to Day 2, a week ago. On the afternoon of the 2nd, Heungkuk Life Insurance reported the hardships of director Kwon Soon-chan and general manager Kim Yeo-il. He resigned because “it doesn’t match the direction the team wants to go.” When the news that coach Kwon Sun-chan, who was running at high speed in second place, was leaving, the players as well as the fans protested.

At the game against GS Caltex on the 5th, Shin Yong-joon, the new general manager, told the reporters, “There was a conflict between the manager and the general manager over the management of the team, not the appointment of players. There was a disagreement about Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s rotation. The story of intervention keeps coming up, but it’s not like that. The reason for the hardship was that the former manager and the general manager did not agree,” he said, but this was exposed as a lie.

After the game, Kim Hae-ran said, “We felt the intervention of the former general manager. Some players have been hurt by this. There were times when we talked to the director,” and Kim Yeon-kyung said, “There were times when we lost while doing what we wanted from above. If he was fired for something like that, it would be even more absurd.”

And after the GS Caltex game on the 5th, head coach Lee Young-soo, who was assisting coach Kwon Soon-chan, expressed his gratitude and left the team. The general manager, head coach, and head coach who had to lead the team for four days all left.

Heungkuk Life Insurance placed Kim Ki-joong, who served as the team’s head coach from 2018 to 2022, in the command tower to quickly rectify the team.

Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “Director Ki-joong Kim, who has rich experience and leadership in the field, was appointed as the right person. I will do my best to help coach Kim Ki-joong quickly pick up the team and show the best performance.”

However, coach Kim Ki-joong could not come to the Hwaseong Sports Complex Town Indoor Gym where the IBK IBK match was held on the 8th, when he was expected to make his debut match.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) hurriedly announced on the morning of the 8th, “As Heungkuk Life Insurance is finishing the job of appointing a manager, coach Kim Dae-kyung will act as the acting manager for the IBK Industrial Bank game.” He was brought by the manager, but he couldn’t sit down because he hadn’t finished the contract process.

All registrations were supposed to be completed by 6:00 pm the day before the game, but I couldn’t. Even though he has not completed the process of appointing a manager, fans are naturally embarrassed to release a press release for the appointment. Heungkuk Life Insurance showed amateur-like administration.

Of course, the damage has no choice but to go to the remaining staff, players, and fans. The absurd current situation, which cannot be easily experienced, is disappointing and heartbreaking.

However, they played today as they are professionals. 8th IBK Industrial Bank exhibition. Volleyball Empress Kim Yeon-kyung was sidelined due to enteritis, but Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena), Kim Da-eun, Kim Mi-yeon, and Joo-ah Joo played a big role and gave victory to a full crowd. Kim Yeon-kyung also cheered the players in a loud voice in the warm-up zone and blew her strength.

4 wins in a row with a 3-1 victory. With 47 points (16 wins, 4 losses), the difference between Hyundai E&C (51 points, 18 wins, 2 losses) and 1st place was reduced to 4 points. Depending on the result of the match on the 11th, the maximum victory point difference can be reduced to 1 point.

However, the players could not laugh to their heart’s content. I had to take a commemorative photo of the victory without the staff. Fans applauded them with encouragement rather than cheers. The manager who led the team to second place in the league has left, the head coach has also left, and the manager who was supposed to come back is unable to join the team for the absurd reason that the contract process has not been completed. The remaining players, staff, and fans are receiving the damage.

Coach Kim Ki-joong, who was expected to join the team after holding a meeting with the players after the appointment announcement, but he has not yet met the players. Some say that the contract may be canceled. Possibly, he even issued a press release for appointing the manager, but he couldn’t join the team? So far, there have been very few such cases.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “If the next coach comes, it can be difficult to trust. Wouldn’t that director be the one the company wants? It is as if the company now wants a director who listens to the company. It’s embarrassing, but I want a team like this to exist.” 스포츠토토

Trust in Heungkuk Life Insurance has already fallen to the bottom. Fans are angry at the situation of Heungkuk Life Insurance, holding a truck demonstration, preparing a cloper of anger, criticizing the club and applauding the players.

The players know that the only thing they can do in this difficult situation is to show good performance in front of the fans and do their best. Kim Yeon-kyung also said, “The fans always come late and cheer me on a lot. Thank you always. I hope this never happens again.”

Players and fans just want to focus on the game. Will that day ever come?

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