He even flew a chartered plane to recruit a free agent, San Diego, who was sincere with Judge.

He even flew a chartered plane to recruit a free agent, San Diego, who was sincere with Judge.

He even mobilized a chartered plane to recruit a free agent. The San Diego Padres’ will to recruit a free agent for Aaron Judge (31, New York Yankees), the “clean home run king,” was sincere. 

On the 10th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), the American ‘The Athletic’ reported the behind-the-scenes story of Jersey’s FA contract process. Judge, an outfielder who hit the free agency market after hitting 62 home runs in a single season, the most by a hitter unrelated to banned drugs last year, signed a 9-year, $360 million contract with the Yankees. Annual average of 40 million dollars is the best treatment among wild beasts.

But Judge could have gotten a bigger deal than that. Not only his hometown team, the San Francisco Giants, who were strong candidates for recruitment, but also a third team, San Diego, emerged as an ambush, making a huge bet. San Diego’s offer totaled more than $400 million, according to The Athletic. Two other sources hinted that the deal was in the range of $415 million total over at least 12 years.

San Diego offered more, totaling nearly $100 million, than the Yankees originally proposed $320 million over eight years. “San Diego had an offer so important that it baffled everyone else,” Judge recalled. When first-choice shortstop Trey Turner, who was the first choice to recruit free agents, signed a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies for 300 million dollars in 11 years, San Diego quickly contacted the Jersey team and made a huge bet.  베팅룸 토토

I was surprised by the unexpected proposal, but the Jersey agency ‘PSI Sports Management’, who confirmed San Diego’s seriousness, informed the fact to Judge himself. It was felt that a face-to-face meeting was necessary to advance the discussion, but there were no direct flights from Tampa, where Judge was staying, to San Diego at the time. 

Then the San Diego club paid for the use of a private charter for Judge. Not only Judge and agency officials, but also his wife, Samantha, and their pet dog came to San Diego on a chartered plane, and headed straight to the home stadium, Petco Park. San Diego’s top leaders, including owner Peter Seidler, general manager AJ Preller, assistant general manager Josh Stein, and coach Bob Melvin, were mobilized here. 

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