Failed to convince the owner of Naples!… Kim Min-jae, who wants adventure, ‘decided to leave’

Failed to convince the owner of Naples!… Kim Min-jae, who wants adventure, ‘decided to leave’

The owner of Napoli also failed to persuade Kim Min-jae.

Italy’s ‘Tuto Napoli’ said on the 12th (Korean time), “Chairman Aurelio de Laurentis tried to persuade Min-jae Kim. However, Min-jae Kim decided to leave. I was persuaded, but Kim Min-jae wants a new adventure.”

Kim Min-jae is a hot potato. He has become the best Italian Serie A center back while boasting overwhelming defensive power in Napoli all season. He doesn’t lose out in physical competition and has great defensive skills such as tackling and interception. He was called the epitome of a modern center back because of his speed, build-up ability, and progress. Thanks to Kim Min-jae, Napoli took the lead from the beginning of the season and succeeded in winning Serie A in 33 years.

Kim Min-jae, who is being praised in Naples, had a contract condition that would trigger a buyout from July 1st to July 15th. The buyout amount is known to be 60 million euros (approximately 87.3 billion won). Considering Kim Min-jae’s performance, this is a very small amount. We need to look not only at Kim Min-jae’s skills, but also at his star quality. Recruiting Kim Min-jae can make Korea and Asia marketing more active and bring in profits.

In the meantime, Napoli sent even the core if they paid more than a certain amount. Gonzalo Higuain, who was sent to Juventus, is representative, and Edinson Cavani, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Jorginho were also sold to other teams. 먹튀검증 Some clubs tried to pay more than the Kim Min-jae buyout amount, so the same method seemed to apply to Kim Min-jae, but Napoli stood by.

Even if he had the most influence, even if he stepped forward, it was useless. In the end, it seems Kim Min-jae will leave Naples after one season. Even if he leaves after one season, he will go down in the history of the club as the center back who made the biggest impression at Napoli.

The likely next destination is Manchester United. Man United are sure to be willing to pay a buyout. This news was reported simultaneously through local media in England and Italy. In addition to Manchester United, English Premier League (EPL) teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur are targeting the team, and recently, Bayern Munich has emerged as a candidate for competition.

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