“Expected to join in late January or early February” Samsung completes contract with Baltazar, the new Philippine Asia Quarter

“Expected to join in late January or early February” Samsung completes contract with Baltazar, the new Philippine Asia Quarter

Samsung has concluded a contract with Baltazar, the new Philippine Asia Quarter.

This season, Seoul Samsung is suffering from the Philippine Asia Quarter players. William Navarro, who completed the contract early before the opening, was canceled due to the Philippine Basketball Association’s refusal to issue a transfer agreement. Christian David, who was brought in to replace Navarro, left the team without playing a single game due to a knee injury.

While looking for a replacement, Samsung focused on Justin Balthazar (25, 207cm) whose contract with the Hiroshima Dragon Flyers of the Japanese B. League was terminated. And recently, the contract was completed and the recruitment was virtually confirmed. All that remains is to join.

The 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Seoul Samsung and Wonju DB’s 4th round confrontation held at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 21st. Before the game, Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok said of Baltazar, “Once the contract is completed. Right now (Cho) Woo-seong has left due to a back injury, so there are only (Lee) Won-seok and (Jang) Minguk as big men. So, I had a wish to come in before the 25th, but it was canceled. As of now, I think I will join between the end of January and the beginning of February.”

Director Eun Hee-seok and Balthazar had a special relationship in the past. When coach Eun Hee-seok was holding the baton at Yonsei University, Delasal University, where Balthazar belonged, came to Korea for field training. Director Eun Hee-seok, who had his eyes on Baltazar from this point on, tried to scout Yonsei University, but said it was unsuccessful.

“When I was coaching Yonsei University, Delasal University came to Uranara for two weeks of field training. At that time, Baltazar was in the first year. He even played an exchange match because Yonsei University and De La Sal University had a sisterhood relationship. At the time, the team didn’t have a big man, so I wanted to bring him in, but he said no because he was a freshman (laughs). He was a player with potential for development from before, 메이저놀이터 so I kept looking at him.” Director Eun Hee-seok said.

Currently, Samsung is in a situation where there is a lack of big men, except for Lee Won-seok, the main center, and Jang Min-guk, the backup resource. Jo Woo-sung and Cha Min-seok left due to injuries, and Kim Han-sol is not meeting director Eun Hee-seok’s expectations. Therefore, if Baltazar, who is 207cm tall and can play both a big man and a wingman, joins, it is expected to be of great help.

Director Eun Hee-seok said, “When I saw it as a college student, it was an orthodox center. My body is smaller than now and I pivoted well. But it seems that he wants to play with number 3 or 4. He transformed into a stretch 4 with an outside shot. Aren’t teams with a lot of tall forwards performing well in the KBL right now? Other teams are harassing our team with tall lineups, and Baltazar will definitely help.”

“We haven’t given up on the season yet. I can’t concentrate on raising Balthazar. As soon as Tip joins, he is expected to put on the game and show good play. When you come, ‘you know me? I don’t have time to adapt right now, so I’m going to say ‘run the game right away’” and laughed.

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