‘Deadpool’ saved Wrexham → Reynolds, promoted to the EFL in two years after taking over a non-league club → ‘Miracle in 15 years’

‘Deadpool’ saved Wrexham → Reynolds, promoted to the EFL in two years after taking over a non-league club → ‘Miracle in 15 years’

Perhaps it is not easy to answer the question who is the world’s most loved soccer owner. But would I be lying if I said movie star Ryan Reynolds?

Reynolds, who is well known to us for the ‘Deadpool’ movie, is currently the owner of a football club. In 2021, Ryan Reynolds, along with actor Rob McElhenry, took over Wrexham AFC, a football team in northern Wales, England. Wrexham AFC is said to be the third oldest football team in the world. Founded in 1864. It was a year after King Gojong ascended the throne in the Joseon Dynasty, so it’s been a long time. It was a club founded by local residents to serve the community.

Currently participating in the British National League, Wrexham won the league title by beating Borehamwood 3-1 on the 23rd. Now, he threw off the sadness of the non-league team and confidently entered the English Football League (EFL). It was promoted again after 15 long years.

The British Daily Star expressed its gratitude to the two actors while conveying the news. According to the Daily Star, it took Wrexham 15 years to return to the EFL. He had 5478 days in days and 131,472 hours in hours. He stayed in the non-league for such a long time that he couldn’t even remember how many players he had been through. 15 directors have also changed.

Ryan Reynolds is from Canada. Although he grew up watching baseball and ice hockey rather than soccer, he took over the soccer team. 카지노사이트

The problem was that Rob McElhenry was also an outsider to soccer. That said, it was never easy. After the 2021 takeover, the two reportedly enlisted the help of David Beckham. And now it’s said to be almost an expert level. I also bought a house in Wales and live there. He is a team leader who visits the stadium every game to watch the game. He is said to be managing his schedule so that he can focus solely on Wrexham despite the busy life of a movie star and producer.

Eventually, that passion took over Wrexham, which had been in the non-league for 15 years, and proudly promoted it to the EFL in two years. ‘Deadpool’ saved Wrexham.

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