‘Centerback Transformation’ Kim Hye-ri “To prepare for the World Cup, you have to fight against strong teams”

‘Centerback Transformation’ Kim Hye-ri “To prepare for the World Cup, you have to fight against strong teams”

Women’s soccer preparing for the World Cup is learning a lot from strong teams and evaluation matches.

The women’s national football team (ranked 15th in the FIFA rankings) was defeated 1-2 by Belgium (ranked 20th in the FIFA rankings) in the second leg of the Arnold Clark Cup held at CBS Arena in Coventry, England on the 20th at 3:15 am (Korean time). The national team fell into two consecutive defeats following the defeat against England in the first game (0-4). Korea will have its third game against Italy on the 23rd.

What did Kim Hye-ri (33, Hyundai Steel), the core of Bellho’s defense, learn from her two consecutive losses? He said, “I felt that England played in detail, and Belgium played with bigger movements than England. 먹튀검증 Physically, of course, it was more than we expected in terms of power and speed.
The most important thing for our team is high-intensity training and physical supplementation.”

Korea suffered a come-from-behind defeat against Belgium, failing to keep Lee Geum-min’s opening goal. Kim Hye-ri said, “We conceded two minutes before the end of the first half. That’s what I regret the most. Our team also had a chance, but couldn’t save it.
It is fortunate that we have the opportunity to check the areas we need to improve through matches against strong teams ahead of the World Cup,” she analyzed.

For Kim Hye-ri, who plays center back, playing against Europe is a great experience. He said, “The coach wants to lead the defensive line. He orders the ball to be safely handled and the opponent to react and move ahead. He is more familiar with the position of sideback than centerback, but I believe that he believed in me and put me in that position, so my role is to do my best in the position I am entrusted with,” he pledged.

What is your resolution for the match against Italy? Kim Hye-ri said, “The World Cup has to produce results. I want to produce results without staying in a good experience and process. I want to return to Korea with a victory in the last game tomorrow,” she declared.

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