Byeongsalta that flew in the stopwatch… Scherzer’s 7-run nudge, was it actually an experiment?

Byeongsalta that flew in the stopwatch… Scherzer’s 7-run nudge, was it actually an experiment?

Max Scherzer (Mets) is one of the players who welcomed the pitch clock, a new rule in the major leagues. He saw that batters’ timing could be shaken by adjusting pitching tempo using the pitch clock, and experimented with it in an exhibition game. The experiment continued in the second appearance, but this time the results did not follow.

On the 4th (Korean time), Scherzer came out as a starter in an exhibition game against the Washington Nationals held in Clover Park, Florida, USA, and recorded ‘7 runs in 2⅔ innings, 5 hits and 1 strikeout. Even after stopping the first two innings with a three-way trip, he suddenly faltered in the third inning. As can be seen in the bookstore, mistakes overlapped, and the experiment to use the pitch clock for a fight had an adverse effect.

There were no problems until the 2nd time. Scherzer induced fly balls twice in the first inning and succeeded in a three-way offense. He also showed his power in the second inning with two ground balls and one infield fly ball. However, the perfect streak ended when he gave up an infield hit to third baseman Ildemaro Vargas in the third inning.

Scherzer, who sent out a runner, began a full-scale experiment at Victor Robles’ plate. When Robles asked for time-out, which was only once per plate, he quickly prepared for the next pitch and started the 20-second count. And he immediately entered the pitching motion as if pressuring the batter, and at this time a balk declaration came out. 오락실 토토

Robles went on base due to a shortstop error and became 1st and 3rd base safely. This time, I tried to use the pitch clock as much as possible, but failed to induce a double play. After all the time had elapsed, Lyles Adams’ third baseman’s ground ball, which was expected to be a double play, was nullified.

With Robles stealing second base, they got to second and third base safely, but Scherzer struck out Adams on a foul tip and caught CJ Abrams with a grounder, giving up one run after two outs. Only one out left until the end of the inning. But from this point on, Scherzer’s ordeal begins. A timely hit by Alex Cole and a two-run homer by Luis Garcia brought the score to 0-4.

Scherzer allowed a double to Jamer Candelario after getting Joey Meneses off on a shortstop error. The score was 0-5. Scherzer threw 49 pitches and passed the ball to David Griffin, the second pitcher. After the game, he said about the balk situation, “I thought it was an acceptable pitch. But the referee said it was not. We have to figure out exactly how far it is allowed.”

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