‘Bin’, once again break through ‘369’ and lead the championship

‘Bin’, once again break through ‘369’ and lead the championship

The victory or defeat of BLG, which is aiming for its first championship since its founding, depends on Cheon “Bin” Zebin.

JDG and BLG, which will face each other in the 2023 LoL Pro League Spring (LPL) finals on the 15th, have already faced each other once in the 4th round of the playoffs on the 5th. In this match, JDG won after a fierce battle going to the 5th set. BLG, who went down to the loser’s bracket, won the challenge to JDG once again after two full sets.

The most influential line in the match between JDG and BLG was the top. BLG’s top laner ‘Bean’ completely overpowered ‘369’ Bai Jiahao, the LPL all-pro first top this season. ‘Bin’, who played dealer champions such as Gwen, Kennen, and Camille, took the initiative against ‘369’, who played a tank throughout the game, and shook the opponent from the top by making several kills.

It was the victorious 2nd and 3rd sets that ‘Bean’ performed particularly brilliantly. ‘Bin’, who took Kennen as the first pick in the 2nd set, completely took the initiative against his opponent’s Chogas, who appeared as the 5th pick in the red camp, and quickly joined the mid area to make the first kill. Afterwards, due to the gang response in the laning match, he completely captured the atmosphere by providing kills and passive stacks to his teammate Peng Li-xun’s Kindred at once. In the 3rd set, ‘Bin’ took out Jax, who was at a disadvantage against Gragas, as a hoopik. In this match, ‘Bin’ did not die even once while ‘369’ recorded 6 deaths, and played a role in laying the plate for the friendly ranged dealer. In addition, he created a variable at the top by creating solo kills several times in losing sets.

However, on this day, ‘Bin’ did not show only good games. ‘Bin’, who played Camille in the 5th set with a win or loss, grew smoothly thanks to the support of the team in the beginning, but entered the opponent’s camp hitting the baron with a ‘hook shot’ and exploded. The team that went into battle without a good top laner gave up an ace in the end, and the team was defeated and went down to the loser’s bracket.

Looking at it as a team, ‘Bin”s shoulders are heavy. BLG’s mid laner, Zeng “Yagao” Zeng-Chi’s play style is specialized in joining and creating variables for engagement rather than laning. In fact, ‘Yagao’ has the lowest percentage of damage in the team among the mid laners who played in the LPL playoffs, but has a uniquely high average assist. He made use of Galio, a mid champion specializing in the throne, and actively roams with Veigar, a slow champion. In fact, in the match against JDG, ‘Yagao’ played Veigar and Galio and quickly joined the top one after another. Because of this support, ‘Bean’ can choose the top damage champion that requires team investment without hesitation. Considering that opposing mid laner ‘Knight’ Zhuo Ding is a mage champion such as Syndra or Ari, who ranks 2nd in damage per minute and 3rd in damage percentage within the team, ‘Bin’ is a variable at the top with the support of ‘Yagao’ is BLG’s winning plan. 온라인바카라

The difficult thing for ‘Bean’ is that ‘369’ completely recovered his skills in the match against Edward Gaming Haikan (EDG) after the match against BLG. ‘369’, who lost face by giving away solo kills to ‘Bin’ in succession, completely regained momentum in the match against EDG by making a solo kill as a tank champion against ‘Arre’ Hujaerer, the all-pro second top laner.

Against the first top liner ‘369’, who eventually regained momentum, ‘Bin’ will be able to make a top difference beyond the last match, which will be the key to BLG’s challenge to win its first championship.

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