‘2nd 1R nomination→release→advance to Australia→join KIA’ Fireballer, “I want to show a steady appearance in Korea’s New York Yankees”

‘2nd 1R nomination→release→advance to Australia→join KIA’ Fireballer, “I want to show a steady appearance in Korea’s New York Yankees”

Kim Seung-hyun (31), a right-handed fireballer who was called ‘Oh Seung-hwan of the college league’ during his time at Konkuk University, is making a new start at KIA. 

Kim Seung-hyun 바카라 made his professional debut in 2016 after receiving Samsung’s 2nd 1st round nomination. Kim Seung-hyun, whose main weapon was a fast ball of 150 km, took the mound in 91 games in the first team and recorded 2 wins, 8 losses and 4 holds. His earned run average is 5.51. At the time of his joining, he immediately raised expectations with a sense of power, but left regrets due to injuries and sluggishness. 

After receiving a notice of release from Samsung in October of last year, he boarded a plane to Australia with teammate Lee Soo-min. It was to participate in Geelong Korea, led by coach Lee Byeong-gyu.

Kim Seung-hyun showed off a powerful pitching in a healthy manner. He got a second chance at KIA. The club gave Kim Seung-hyun a chance to strengthen the depth of the midfield fight. 

On the afternoon of the 11th, Kim Seung-hyun, who was contacted by a reporter, said, “After going to Australia, KIA contacted me and gave me an opportunity to join. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

Kim Seung-hyun, whose strength is a fast ball, focused on improving his breaking ball while playing in Australia. He said, “He felt that he couldn’t just do it with a fastball, so he practiced a lot of breaking balls. Instead of adding a new pitch, he focused on making the existing pitch more sophisticated”. Seunghyun Kim says: 

What kind of team is KIA seen from the outside? He said, “When I was at Samsung, I got the impression that KIA is Korea’s New York Yankees. It’s because the fans’ passion is strong and it’s a prestigious club with a tradition. I haven’t experienced it yet, but there are many things I look forward to.

He predicted that it would be a great help for adapting to the team because there are many players with whom he is close friends, such as Kang Yi-jun, Byeon Woo-hyuk, Kim Yu-shin, and Lee Jun-young. 

Kim Seung-hyun said it was important to reduce the ups and downs in order to successfully settle in the KIA.

“When I play baseball, there are good times and bad times, but I want to show an image without ups and downs. The difference between good times and bad times is huge, so I was left with regret, but I want to hear that I am a steady player by reducing the ups and downs.” 바카라

Reuniting with scout Kim Seong-ho, who was his teacher at Konkuk University, seems to be a great source of strength for Kim Seung-hyun. Can Kim Seung-hyun, who was praised as Oh Seung-hwan of the college league, become a new protagonist in the myth of a player released from the KIA?

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